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A workmanship warranty is a great way to ensure your house remains in tip-top shape. It ensures that if anything goes wrong following roof replacement, you will be taken care of and the issue will be remedied.

Workmanship warranty

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Homeowners often make a major investment in their homes by purchasing new roofs. Workmanship warranties provide coverage against errors during installation or work that is not properly completed, which can lead to problems down the line when you least expect them! This type of warranty lasts about one year following completion so it’s important for homeowners to keep track of how long ago something was done if they want continued protection from accidents happening

Before accepting a workmanship warranty, make sure that you read through the entire document to check what exactly it covers and what, if any, limitations exist. It is not always realistic that it will cover everything so find a trusted contractor, like us, that is open to offering workmanship warranties covering a wide range of commonly seen issues, such as leaks.

After a roof replacement an unexpected problem can occur at any given moment; weeks, months, or even years after a project is completed and without a workmanship warranty you will be disappointed to find out you are not covered for the replacement work.That is why it is important to have a workmanship warranty and to work with Synergy Roofing that you can trust to provide top-quality, trusted services.

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