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Roof Installation Process

01: Roof Replacement

The first step to your new roof installation process is getting all the materials delivered the day of the new roof installation. Your delivery will depend on how big a job you need done and where in our area it needs done! When they’re delivered, we make sure that these items are kept dry by having them stored near any access points and somewhere safe from weather conditions like rainstorm/winds etc.

02: Roof Replacement

Next, they’ll prepare your property for the roof tear off. For example, tarping over any areas that may be damaged or wet so as not to damage it further with asphalt shingle adhesive while also setting up tarps around shrubs and landscaping.

You also want to make sure vehicles are out of the driveway to avoid debris.

03: New Roof

After Synergy Roofing covers everything for you, we’ll begin the new roof installation by tearing off your old roof bit-by-bit. We make sure to start on the furthest corner of your roof away from your driveway so that we are working towards the dump trailer and new materials making the roofing process run more efficiently.

04: New Roof

Right after a section is torn off the roof and cleaned out, your gutters will be then cleaned out as well, clearing them from any roofing debris from tearing shingles off, leaves, and any other blockages that may turn up from the new roof installation.

05: New Roof

Next, they will start to replace the roof. Once a section is torn off, we lay out underlayment for protection from water damage as well as installing drip edges at each end of your home’s exterior walls with shingles on top that go all around making sure everything stays dry inside before ridge capping. A last step involves putting in vents where needed. Trust a professional when it comes to this part of the roofing process, trust Synergy Roofing.

06: New Roof

After the roofing process and your new roof has been installed, you can expect our team to do two more things. First they’ll blow off all of the debris left on top of it so that it falls onto tarps below. Second they will double-check their work and make sure everything looks good before finishing up. With a high quality roof replacement done by our team, this is just one less thing for you to worry about when renovating! Call or email us today if you want to get started with your new roof installation project today!

Leave It To Synergy Roofing

Have you been looking for a roofer? If so, look no further than Synergy Roofing. Our team members are professionally trained and experienced to deliver the most high quality services available in the area! You’ll be glad that you found us when it comes time for your next project. Contact us today!