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What you need to know about Residential Roofing

Roofs are essential to any home or building, but they don’t always come with a manual. There’s more than one type depending on your structure and material choices! Residential roofing and commercial roofs can be tricky if you want them installed correctly without worrying about things like wind damage or leaks – which means quality materials and professionals are needed to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish (and we’re not just talking looks here).

residential roof
Commercial Roof

Residential vs. Commercial

What is residential roofing? 

Residential roofing generally refers to the roofing of private homes and other residential buildings. This includes both new construction and remodeling/repair work. In contrast, commercial roofing generally refers to the roofing of larger commercial and industrial buildings.



There are many different types of residential roofs, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, and more. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to consult with a professional roofer to determine the best option for your home. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more details about the different types of residential roofing!



Residential roofing generally requires less maintenance than commercial roofing, but it’s still important to have your roof checked regularly by a professional. If you notice any damage, be sure to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.



We understand that the different types of roofs can be confusing but don’t worry! You’re in good hands with our Synergy Roofing professional team. We’ll take care of all your needs and ensure everything is done right for you – from beginning to end. We’re knowledgeable in all types of residential roofs and are here to help you find the best solution for your home. So give us a call or request a free estimate today!

No matter your residential roofing needs, Synergy Roofing Services boasts several services that other local roofing contractors can’t beat!

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